Hounds Tooth Stitch Crochet Hat

Hounds Tooth Stitch Crochet Hat

Hounds Tooth Stitch Crochet Hat

Smooth, subtle textured crochet hat …

The texture of eye-catching Hounds Tooth Stitch Crochet Hat is lightly raised. With the wide brim and the distinctly attractive pattern in this crochet hat, it will certainly receive many compliments!

Made with Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn, in two colors, it is very soft, smooth and comfortable to wear. Of course this pattern will work with any worsted weight yarn as well.

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Hounds Tooth Stitch Crochet Hat
If you are looking for a free graph pattern of this stitch, continue on.
Hounds Tooth Stitch Crochet Hat
A couple more views of this Hounds Tooth Stitch Crochet Hat
Hounds Tooth Stitch Crochet Hat side

Hounds Tooth Crochet Hat 1

Hounds Tooth Stitch Crochet Hat whole

Hounds Tooth Crochet Hat 2

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Hounds Tooth Crochet Stitch graph pattern

The hounds tooth crochet stitch in a very interesting stitch.  It give a two sided, reversible appearance. One side just a little different than the other. Although the finished product of this stitch appears very complicated, it actually only uses two stitches; the single crochet (sc) and the double crochet (dc) stitches. Surprised? Looks very difficult doesn’t it?

Below is a chart that shows the basic pattern of the Hound’s Tooth Stitch. This versatile pattern can be used for almost any crochet project you can dream of; blankets, scarfs, dishcloths, coasters, hats, hotpads, potholders, gloves, leg warmers …. as you can see, the list is forever ongoing!


I hope you enjoy this stitch! It is a fun crochet stitch and if you alternate colors in several repeats, there is no ending to the ‘patterns’ of colors you can create! Share some comments below, who knows, you may help someone else out with your comments!

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