Diagonal Textured Crochet Beanie Hat

Diagonal Textured Crochet Beanie Hat

Isn’t this Diagonal Textured Crochet Beanie Hat pretty?

I just love the simplicity of the texture this hat provides! Not an overpowering look, just a look of simple sophistication! This Diagonal Textured Crochet Beanie Hat has a very slight raise which give it an attractive and elegant look and feel for cold weather.

This pattern was fun to make, yet it was a little tricky for me to get it to come out correctly in the round. At this time, I don’t remember from where I acquired the pattern. However; if I come across it I will place the pattern here for you as well!

At this time I have one available for purchase @ $25.75, so grab it soon!


The Crochet Diagonal Raised Beanie Hat is also a slightly textured hat similar to this hat.
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