Crochet Winter Boot Booties

Crochet Winter Boot Booties

These are just like the Cowboy/Cowgirl Boots – What little boy or little girl wouldn’t look adorable in these?

These are perfect for photo memories as well.

Crochet Winter Boot Booties

Crochet Winter Booties

Keep those adorable little feet warm in the cooler weather!  What child wouldn’t be proud to wear these Crochet Winter Boot Booties?  So cute and precious!

Need the perfect baby shower gift? Get a pair of these and they will be loved!

Also fantastic for photo taking sessions!

These are fun to make but are time consuming – at least for me! I’m such a perfectionist and I find myself taking them apart if things don’t come out ‘perfectly aligned’.  Really, with a little one’s foot in constant motion, who will notice such very tiny imperfections? Me, that’s who!  (LOL)

I‘ve not had the chance to get these added to my shop – or even gotten my shop fully functional, yet – but these are for saleALL BOOTIES ARE SOLD OUT! So, if you are interested in purchasing these, please feel free to Contact Me with questions regarding their availability.

Below is the gallery for these adorable Crochet Winter Boot Booties! Don’t forget to leave me some comments below!  :o)

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