Shabby Chic Interchangeable Flowers

Shabby Chic Interchangeable Flowers

Adorable Shabby Chic Interchangeable Flowers each have four shabby chic flowers with velcro backs so that they may be easily interchangeable with the lace back. It’s like getting four-bows-in-one!

Shabby Chic Interchangeable Flower Sets

When it comes to us ‘little girls’, it’s all about the embellishments. Shabby Chic Interchangeable Flower Bows will dress up an average day by taking a simple outfit from casual to cute!

These versatile Shabby Chic Interchangeable Flowers Set are a great addition to any hair accessory collection. “Young or Old”, shabby-chic never goes out of style!

Changing the shabby chic flower to fit your outfit is easy.

It’s easy to change flowers from the background. You get four looks in one package and can switch the shabby chic flowers to coordinate with your outfit!
1.) Carefully lift the shabby chic flower from the lace back, holding the velcro as you lift.
2.) Choose a different shabby chic flower and lay it onto the velcro of the lace back and gently apply pressure to get the velcro join.

An Alligator Clip attachment is used for this hair accessory.

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