Kanzashi Flower HairClip Hair Bows

Beautiful & Elegant Kanzashi

Time consuming, yet beautiful, these Kanzashi Flower Hairclip Bows are a beautiful hair accessory!

Haven’t heard of Kanzashi? Kanzashi is a Japanese art form technique used to fold cloth into beautiful flowers for hair ornaments.

Making pretty kanzashi flowers takes practice and patience and is time consuming. There are many different ways to make kanzashi flowers, depending upon the type of fabric you are using and what kind of petal you want to create.

Each petal in the flower consists of multiple steps. Each flower has multiple petals, thus making this a very time consuming process. However, the end result is nothing but beautiful!

Kanzashi Flower Hairclip Bows are available in butterflies, stars, orchid petals and pointed petals and are just gorgeous. A must have accessory for anyone who wants to be unique and original!

I have made approximately 120 of these beautiful Kanzashi creations and love each and every one. These are available in my shop.

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