Halloween Hair Bows & Headbands

Yahoo for Halloween!

Hard to believe it’s that time of year again already, huh? Time for warm apple cider and fall leaves. Time for transition from summer to winter.

Time for getting out the warmer clothes, ugggg!  Where did the summer go and why did it pass so quickley?

Well, one thing about the cooling of the temperature is HALLOWEEN!  I love Halloween and all the fun that comes with this Holiday. Fun and spooky decorations to adorn our homes and yards … fun and spooky costumes for adult and child alike … so much fun is this Halloween season.

Children, at least my grandchildren, begin to plan ‘who’ or ‘what’ they are going to ‘be’ for Halloween as soon as 4th of July is over! When the fireworks are over, it’s on to the next Holiday, and that’s the fun one where you get to play dress-up and get candy!  Yahooooo!!

Who can resist an adorable child in their well thought out and well planned costume? Certainly not me! I love answering the door and handing out candy on this ‘creepy’ night … love to see all the children so excited for your compliments on their costumes and even more delighted when you put all that candy in their treat bags.

So much fun …..

Admist all this Halloween prep, don’t forget the all important hair accessories to compliment this Holiday!  Don’t disappoint that special child, let them show their love for Halloween by dressing up their hair as well as their body!

Halloween Hair Bows & Headbands are the perfect Halloween gift!  Sure, candy is nice, but these adorable hair accessories can be worn many times over, year to year. Once the candy is gone, so will be the special memory of this year’s event.

Check out the adorable choices below …


the choices ...

Halloween Ribbon Sculpture style hair bows on your right.
Not really spooky! Just fun and original!
Who doesn’t love ghosts, witches and spiders at Halloween time? 
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Halloween Headbands on your right.
Windy night? Need to keep hair back from eyes and face? These headbands are perfect for that!
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Halloween Hair Bows on your left.
Many ribbon selections are among these adorable bows.
Be certain to check out the large variety of cuteness of these in my shop …

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